This week we bring you tips on getting the perfect Ombre from senior hairstylist and manager of Spoilt  Hair and Beauty Neville Diamond, who also happens to be my hairstylist.

Here are his tips…

Ombre is definitely not a new concept but it is one that is lately considered as hot hot hot, with celebrities such as Lauren Conrad and Lea Michele showing off this perfect winter to summer shading technique!


“Ombre is a precisely developed technique that may seem daunting to most clients, but rest assured the effects will look outstanding and leave a possibly dull client to look FABULOUS,” says Neville Diamond, Senior Stylist and Manager at Spoilt Hair & Nails.


Neville goes on to explain that an ombre effect refers to creating a look with faded tips, so ones hair usually starts with a darker base that extends into a dissolved colour.  ”This effect best suits those with longer hair as opposed to short. The optimum length is when the hair is just past the shoulders,” he continues. “There is no particular colour spectrum that one needs to follow, the ombre effect can be manipulated to as wide and wild as your personality allows you to go.”  


Colours that can be included in this spectrum ranges from blond to blue and pink tips or, for the more natural effect, a brown hue that extends into a honey and toffee blonde.

Posted by Jasna of Fashionjazz

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