I have been a fan of Zando for a while now after making a few shoe purchases last year, but to be honest I had no idea they had such a huge range up until I was invited to the Zando “The Apartments” #ShowLab.

Now folks, let me tell you something, the guys over at Zando know how to make a girl happy… Imagine walking up to a registration table at The Fire and Ice Hotel Melrose Arch and they hand over a R300 voucher and tell you that you have until the end of the event to spend it on whatever you want on the Zando website?? You have never seen so many people with their heads down on their phones or iPads in one room before, only thing breaking the immense shopping concentration was the occasional giggle of excitement from a person who found what they wanted or the sipping of the delicious gourmet milkshakes.

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I was starting to feel a bit stressed out by the shopping deadline and this was further enhanced when we were asked to join the Zando team for a short presentation… Still couldn’t decide what I wanted! The upcoming trends and how they are being translated into the merchandise available on Zando was super interesting, I must say if I had to choose my top three, then I think I’m going to be wearing a mixture of 90’s Youth, La Femme and Bohemian Hipster this summer. Zando also let us know about the cool ways that they allow you to shop, most of us already know their convenient return policy but did you know that you can request that if you are purchasing an item of clothing, 2 alternative sizes can be brought with and the courier will wait 10 min while you try on and choose the best fit – how awesome is that? After soaking up all the trends and info, it was time for our “Oprah” moment where we got to look under our chairs and discover an amazing Converse gift bag!

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Zando then cleverly converted three of the ho

tel rooms into “The Apartments” which showcased different pieces from the accessories, home, clothing and footwear ranges that suited the theme of the rooms. The tick tock of the clock was getting louder in my head as I knew that time was running out for my little shopping tryst but as I walked into the apartment for “The Young Couple” it felt like I could hear a choir of fashionable angles. The most gorgeous black envelope bag with gold studs forming the Union Jack flag was perched perfectly on a chair and I knew instantly that is what I wanted to buy with my voucher, and you can only image my happiness when I saw that the tag said that it was online already. Purchase done.

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If you think we were spoilt enough already, I suggest you stop reading this post because the Zando team were just getting warmed up. When walking back into the welcome area, a stack of Plum shoe boxes were in front of us – ever heard the saying “If the shoe fits?” well this was the concept brought to life. Imagine 20+ ladies being told that if they could find a pair of shoes that could fit them, then they could have them?! What ensued was acting polite all the while trying to tame our killer instincts for the perfect pair. I have been looking all over for a gorgeous pair of silver shoes since the last pair I had finally decided to join shoe heaven a few months ago, but I have been battling like crazy because there is a fine line between “wedding” silver shoes and “stripper” silver shoes – I was looking for the what seemed like the unattainable “classy yet fun” silver shoes. Low and behold the first box I picked up was my size and when I opened up there was a gorgeous pair of pretty sparkling silver peeptoes begging for me to be their new owner – talk about luck! 

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Walking out with shoes and a Converse gift bag, you can imagine my surprise when we were handed a Perspex shoe box filled with Staedlter hair chalk goodies – can’t wait to try them out!

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The day before my birthday, I got my Zando envelope bag delivered straight to my doorstep. It was such an effortless process that I definitely think most of my Christmas purchases are being done through Zando. Who needs the stress of shopping malls when you can sit back with a cup of coffee and shop away!

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