Hi ladies this is Pam ( the London contributor for Fashionjazz ) now this may sound like a bit of a sales pitch, but it isn’t honestly, you’ve probably had times when wearing heels and your feet become very sore and its at times when you wish you had an extra hold-all for a pair of comfortable flats and you can store your expensive heels in a protective bag that blends in with your outfit???  

Well, here’s the thing for you………….Seriously though its a busy few days for exhibitors at the Spring Trade Fair at the Birmingham NEC at the beginning of February, where lots of beautiful goods are shown, ranging from clothing, handbags, fashion accessories,  household goods and accessories, rugs, prints, pottery,  scented candles and home fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery, hundreds of lovely items on show.  You name it, its  spread over the whole of the NEC, you really need the whole of the time, 4 days that the fair is there to cover what is there.  Take a pair of comfy shoes with you, because the NEC is huge!!

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 I came across ShuSac a handy bag for carrying your high heels in when on a night out, they’re so handy, there is a section at each end of the bag where you place your shoes in, there is a zip down the middle of the ShuSac, dividing the compartments, and the shoe is protected when being carried.  The ShuSac comes in a range of great colours, red, black, pink, blue, purple it has a wrist strap and an across the body strap, so you have different ways to use it. 

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Barbara, who was showing these at the NEC said they are very handy for holidays, just pop your heels in each side, fold over and pack in your case, or for use when storing in the wardrobe or under the bed, keeps your shoes clean and unmarked, quite a good fashion accessory to have to had.  Prices are quite reasonable, the RRP in stockists is £24.99 and they can be ordered from ShuSac direct at  I definitely like these, a fashionable way of carrying your heels and protecting them, will become an essential in your accessories, I really think they are a great item to have!

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Okay ladies, next article will be a real treat…………… I will be reporting from………….well that’ll spoil the surprise, but I will say I was very excited when I got the invite, so until the next article

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Have a fabulous and fashionable week

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  1. March 4, 2014 / 2:30 pm

    Glad you like our ShuSacs, Pam! Thanks for the post x

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