Since collaborating with Ford I have become obsessed with cars especialy all the Fords,so getting one each time to test drive is like heaven to me now…

Recently I got the Ford Ecosport to test drive which arrived in perfect timimg with all the events I had to attend and of course the J&B Met, most of my events and errands I had to run happen to be in Cavendish area and as most people know I live about 40 minutes away from Cavendish. 

So I was looking forward to test driving this awesome Ford and most importantly seeing how much milage I could get out of 1 tank of diesel.


Well after the week was over and I gave the Ford back, can you believe I gave it back with just under half a tank which is amazing considering all the driving I did!  In 1 week from Monday to Sunday, I went from Durbanville ( where I stay)  to Cape Town 3 times, Cavendish 3 times, Simons Town and Camps Bay and for Friday and Saturday it stayed safely in the parking bay of the Pepper Club ( they looked after my Ford so well, I was so impressed)  while I was busy with the J&B Met weekend.  Plus it was so hot so I had the air con on the entire time and usually that chews up petrol or diesel…well that never happened.

The Ford Ecosport stayed true to its name, its eco fuel  friendly and its such a pleasure to drive like all the other Fords, but this one especially you dont feel any bumps when driving, its so smooth.


Name  Ford Ecosport 1.5 Diesel TDCI


How the Ford drives

The Ford Ecosport drives very smoothly, one of the nights I drove back from Cape Town it started to rain so the roads were slippery but the breaks and suspension are really good and myself and my passengers felt safe the whole time.



What I love about the Ford

I love that the Ecosport suits any and everyone, it can be a family car with all the safety features, spacious seating  and the huge boot  for family trips or perfect for a single girl like me who loves to shop  ( ample boot space for that ) and drives her friends around to all the fab places, but at the same time wants to feel completely safe if she is driving alone at night.

Plus there are so many storage holders for all my sunnies, my coffee cups, magazines  and of course sync and blue tooth which makes it so easy to answer calls in a safe way.


Retail price  R229 000


To see all my Ford moments with the ecosport follow the hashtag #fordfashionjazz on twitter and Instagram.

I look forward to the next fab Ford I get to test drive, I am biased the Ford Fiesta ST is my ultimate favourite  but the Ecosport has definitely earned a place in my Ford heart.




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