I get asked all the time what make up I use and what products are in my make up bag, so I thought I would show you  most of the items I use on a daily basis. I am super busy and no day is the same so I like to have make up with me that I can wear during the day and then add a bit of sparkle for  the night. For special occasions or for a big night out I use other colours which I will show you soon.
Ultra HD Lip Lacquer
I use this over my lipsticks to give then a nice shine, plus my lipstick lasts longer.
Photo ready bb cream
I use this when I feel I need a bit more coverage with my base, it works well but does tend to dry my skin out a bit.
Photo ready eye art  x2
I adore this liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow, it makes my eyes pop and it stays on for most of the day, I would recommend this product to anyone.
Photo Finish foundation primer ( pore minimizing )
 Photo Finish primer ( blemish control)
Both primers work really well on my skin and treat my skin if I am having a bad day, it smooths everything out nicely.
3. MAC
Studio Fix
Long time favourite of mine, I cant imagine using another powder as it sets my make up perfectly.
Its perfect for when I need a touch up, its small to carry in my pocket and lasts the whole day.
Cant leave home without this fab product, it makes me shine, need I say more..
Bronze eyeshadow
 I love this under my shadows as a bronzey base when I wear tan colours.
Super seamless make up brush
I use this brush when applying my base for a smooth even application.
Matte mousse make up
I have never used mousse base, but I have to say I am loving it, my skin looks and feels amazing!
Absoloute ROSE eyeshadow palette
The perfect eyeshadow palette for my complexion and my aquamarine eyes, there are so many colours to play with.
Made to stay inside eyeliner
This eyeliner glides on well, its not to dark so it looks natural but it makes my eyes pop which is the most important.
Smokey eye pencil
This eye pencil has a sponge on the other side for smudging and it gives the perfect smokey eye effect I like for a night out.
Prime and fine eye shadow base
I adore this, my eye shadow stays and goes on smoothly
Jet lash mascara
I have only started using this, but I love to use it as the last coat for my lashes to make them look super dark.
All round cover stick
 Works well after my eyeshadow is applied.
Waterproof volume volumateur mascara
I love waterproof, I use this on the bottom lashes so my make up doesnt smudge.
Kiss me moisturising lip balm
This colour is my favourite when mixed with lipgloss
Growth mascara
This is my go to product for longer and thicker lashes.
Metallic eyeshadow stick
I cant live without these, they stay on for so long and look amazing day or night.



Eyeliner pen
One of my favourite pens I have been using this brand for years.
Pink lipstick
When I need a boost I wear this..
9. 27 PINKX
Eyeshadow glitter x2
The only way to make my shadows pop, love this!
Blusher brush
Perfect size for traveling or to use any time of the day for a touch up.
White eyeshadow
I wear this no matter what in the corner of my eyes,it makes me look like I have had a full nights rest every day.
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