Lately I have been attending so many cocktail, black tie events and weddings and as you all know I love unique dresses and outfits that no one else has so I admit finding a outfit in the shops  has been a little bit tricky and tiresome at times.  My next black tie event is tomorrow which is a little bit short notice to order a dress online but next time I have an a event or a wedding  I am definitely going to order at

I recently came across this amazing site whilst researching bridesmaid dresses because yes at the end of the year I am going to be a bridesmaid which I have never been before, so  I am looking forward to that!  In summer there are tons of special occasion dresses around but in winter not so much and unfortunately with the amount of events I attend and the fact that I get photographed for every event I cant really wear the same dress again….

How amazing are these dresses below? I think they will be perfect for any special occasion and I can already see myself adding gold accessories to these looks, so for all my South African readers here are  is some hot style for winter.

gbridal 21









Black tie  is still the traditional black tie but the trends these days are to use way more colours and jewellery. I like to mix it up a bit and last week I wore satin pants and a sequin blazer which means I stood out in a good way amongst the flurry of dresses.





I am so crushing on this lace dress, I can imagine it with a white faux fur stole and pearls…

prom dress NZ

Luckily all these dresses for sale are between 32-37% which is a huge bargain, so what are you waiting for…get shopping before all of these beauties are gone!

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