Recently I was asked to do a food review by Daily Dish, now most people know that I love eating especially different meals and my favourite thing to do is to try out restaurants but I am not the best cook, so when I was asked to do the review I saw it as a fun challenge…




I landed up doing a 2 week review, the first week I chose the classic menu and the 2nd week I chose the low carb, the classic menu was delivered to my house that Monday with all the ingredients packaged into containers along with the 4 recepie cards.


Boerewors with Creamy Lentils


Thai Pork & Peanut Curry


Tarragon Chicken & Calamata Barley

Lasagne-flavoured Fusilli


All of these meals were pretty easy to make, I enjoyed all of them especially the Thai Pork curry, will definitely be making these again, it was a nice variety of different meals.


Middle Eastern Lamb


Mince & Ricotta Pie

Baked Sweet Potato, Bacon & Chive Sour Cream and
Lemon Chilli Chicken.




These meals were pretty interesting to make mostly because I had no idea how many carbs I actually have with my meals. I automatically wanted to add a carb to the meals  but I ate them the way it was prepared and really enjoyed it, in fact I had the last 2 dishes together as one meal and it is by far my favourite meal I have ever made.


What I love about Daily Dish is that it made me really enjoy cooking,, I have learn’t so many new recepies and feel more confident cooking plus it encourages you to cook with friends, family and loved ones and makes it a nice thing to do together.
I paired my meals with wine ( red, white and rose) because I love testing out new wines and each meal went really well and complimented the dish…

Daily Dish is South Africa’s first internet start-up to offer a weekly meal kit delivery service to people who are too busy to cook, or those who simply relish the convenience of having recipes with exact ingredients that they can quickly and easily prepare delivered to their home or office.
They have partnered with Fair View ( one of my favourite wine farms ) which is also known for its wide variety of artisanal cheeses, olive oil, bakery, and soon to be released free range meat products, will collaborate with Daily Dish to expand the company’s ever growing product line of ready-to-prepare home meal kits.

Daily Dish is with its ultra fresh ingredients, tasty recipes, and outstanding service, Daily Dish has grown so popular that the company was recently prompted to expand its delivery base to include Johannesburg and Pretoria, as well as suburbs and towns outside the Cape Metropole.
Daily Dish meal kits and recipes, and subscribers can look forward to exciting themed boxes like braai, beer, wine, and of course cheese. Some of Fairview’s experimental wineswhich are not widely available to the general public will also occasionally be included in meal boxes, adding to the exclusivity of the Daily Dish offering.
You also get printed recipe cards for each dish with clear step by step instructions and a pic of the completed dish. You choose the number of portions/plates you’d like – either 2 or 4. Menus change every week.
You can try the service out for a week or leave the subscription to roll until you want to pause it. You control your subscription via a PAUSE button on the website and there is no contract, you can change menu (or portions) every week.

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