In the movies, it seems there’s nowhere more appropriate to dress up than in a casino. Check out the outfits in films like Casino Royale or either of the Ocean’s 11 movies – the original Brat Pack movie released in 1960 and the Brad Pitt/George Clooney remake released in 2001. All the scenes in the casino feature glamorous people, dripping with style and sophistication.
by Adam Tinworth


But what you would wear to a casino, whether it’s a commercial casino or a casino night charity fundraiser – which seem to have become all the rage in recent years?

The great thing about today’s society is that there are few places left where there’s a formal dress code. Of course, there are always exceptions. For example, if you happened to be in Monte Carlo, the casinos there are some of the oldest in the world, and operate a strict dress code, which varies depending on which section of the casino you’re going into. But for many casinos around the globe today, anything goes. The real focus for the casino management is how much money you’re going to be spending, not what you’re wearing!



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If you’re playing online casino you don’t even have to get dressed to play, of course! That’s one of the many advantages of playing casino games online or on your mobile. And if you’re going to a casino night and aren’t familiar with the different games like blackjack or roulette or baccarat, playing online can help you learn the rules before you play ‘in public’. Check out Gambling Africa for reviews on different online casino sites and the games that they have on offer. You’ll also discover which sites offer the best welcome bonuses – which come in handy when you’re practising some new games.
In a land-based casino, you’re always safe if you dress smartly, but bear these tips in mind:
• Evening wear doesn’t suit everyone – if you think you’re going to spend the evening fidgeting because you’ve decided to wear a tight-fitting cocktail dress, then go for a different look. You can still look smart in a trouser suit and if you feel more comfortable in that, you’ll be able to put your full attention into the games and the bets you’re placing.

• Every venue is different – if you’re going to a casino night organised by the school parent teachers’ association as a fundraiser, find out if there’s a dress code. You don’t want to turn up in your jeans if everyone else is treating it as a black tie event.

• Think about your feet. At a casino, you’ll spend a lot of time standing, so don’t wear heels unless you’re comfortable in them. Better to go for flats and focus on enjoying your evening rather than counting down to when you can take your shoes off!

• Grab the opportunity to dress up! These days, glamorous nights out aren’t that common. Dress up, add a bit of bling and enjoy it!







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