These 10 must-have beauty products will set you up for glowing skin, waterproof beauty, and even protection from the sun. Keep reading to find out exactly what products you’ll need and why.

1. Facewash

Finding the right cleanser, one that doesn’t irritate your skin, yet still removes dirt, grime, and your makeup is essential for maintaining that healthy glow. There are several brands that have hydrating glycerin and other soothing ingredients, which can moisturize the skin and prevent blemishes and redness from appearing.

2. Day Cream with an SPF

Day creams with an SPF will protect your skin from damaging UV rays, keep your skin hydrated throughout the day, and can even out your skin tone. Not all day creams come with toner, but the ones that do will have several shades to choose from. If you get into the habit of putting day cream on every morning after you wash your face, you’ll never have to worry about getting caught in the sun again.

3. Blush (all-purpose)

Benefit One Hot Minute is just one example of a loose, rose-colored powder that can be used as an eye shadow, a highlighter, or even as a bronzer (mix it into any lotion and apply). There are tons of potential blushes, a.k.a. all-purpose powders out there, its just a matter of finding the right shade and consistency that works for you. Check out Beauty is Boring’s “Face” page for tons of tips on easy blushes.

4. Waterproof Mascara

A high-quality, waterproof mascara will coat each of your lashes in a sealed tube to prevent smudging and smearing. You can swim and sweat without having to worry about ink-tinted lines running down your face. A good mascara, despite it’s water resistant nature, will also be easy to remove. Warm water and a soft cloth should be all you need to get back to your natural self.

5. Eyeliner

Everyone should have an eyeliner in a color that they love. Whether you’re using a pencil, liquid, gel, or powder liner, a brown, gray or black accent can really make your eyes pop. Draw attention to the outside corners of those gorgeous peepers or surround the entirety of your almond-shaped soul-windows.

6. Lipcolor

You mean lipstick? Absolutely not. Although lipsticks are fun, they’re often heavy and high-maintenance. Use a lipstain instead and you have yourself an on-the-go, easy-to-wear, natural look for the entire day. A matte finish and non-sticky texture means no more hair-on-lip disasters!

7. Featherweight Foundation

The hotter the temperature gets, the less gunk you want on your face. Lipstick created a list of the top 6, most lightweight, most you-don’t-even-know-you’re-wearing-it foundations for ladies avoiding that caked-on feeling.



8. Hair Color Gloss

When your colored hair starts to fade, try a restorative gloss which can add hydrating pigments and make the color last longer. Instead of having to dye your hair all over again, you can simply make it last longer.

9. Summer Nails

The sun is out and colorful nails are in! From pineapples to polka dots, be inspired by these 28 Colorful Nail Designs. Choosing the right polish depends on your lifestyle; long-lasting, higher quality products are often a little more expensive, but totally worth it.

10. Fragrance

Everyone wants to smell like a rose, but some of the brands out there are so luxurious it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Finding that simple, every-day perfume that will last you a year or more may take some time, but in the end you’ll have found your go-to scent for any occasion.
Gwen Lewis is a beauty journalist and design enthusiast based in Southern California who frequently writes for Fair&Flawless. She appreciates the opportunity to write for Fashion Jazz!


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