Wrap yourself in Merino and help set a world record

Help to make a new world record and win Net A Porter vouchers every week!

Upload a picture of yourself, choose a scarf and voila… you are wrapped in Merino :)

Go to www.wrappedinmerino.com for more details…

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3 responses to “Wrap yourself in Merino and help set a world record”

  1. Denise says:

    Mmmm, it’s a great thing! I just didn;t understand if it has to be Merino, or any scarf? I guess it has to, since this is the promotion… well, anyway, I barely go out here where I am now, and it’s kind of “warm”, though not hot, so wearing a scarf now would be strange here… but for the ones who can do it, wow, great!

  2. Utopia says:

    Hi there,
    I just loved reading your blog, it’s so inspiring!
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  3. Margaret says:

    @Denise Looks like you don’t even need a scarf at all! You upload an image of yourself and then you can design a virtual scarf to wrap around yourself.
    I think it’s especially a cool idea if it’s not scarf wearing weather where you are right now :)

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