Last week I attended the Smashbox master class held by world renowned Smashbox Make up artist Will, he gave us some amazing tips as well as introduced us to all the new Smashbox products that will be available through out the coming months. Watch this space in the month of August for some tips from the master class and my personal reviews on some of these fabulous products.



This a photo filter compact, like the instagram filters and it is infused with light filter technology that make your skin look amazing.

Retouching by David A Rogers. 727 366 8426


These transparent filters refract light at different angles and  in various directions, blurring imperfections while still keeping the subject in focus which creates a photo filter in a compact for close-up perfection.

Photoset polymer with liquid bandage technology makes it perform all day, its non drying,non caking and non settling and its oil free. It comes with a specially designed, double-sided sponge, the velvety side has a natural, lighter coverage and the smooth side gives fuller coverage.

There are 10 shades to choose from, it costs R450 and it will be available in October 2014 at selected Woolworths,Edgars,Red Square and Foschini stores.



This newest multi-tasking primer creates the perfect canvas for make up application and dramatically reduces the appearance of pores for 8 hours.

Pore Minimizing Primer_ smashbox-fashionjazz

It is sweat and humidity resistant, mattifying and has a lightweight texture, you can wear it alone over or under make up or dab on for touch ups.

The primer was tested in the smashbox studios to keep makeup looking flawless and to reduce touch-ups during shoots. Even after an entire day under hot lights with sweat and humidity, the makeup still looked fresh with pores and shine under control.

It costs R395 and it will be available in September 2014 at selected Edgars, Red Square, and Foschini and Woolworths stores




Introducing the next-generation of lip color, BE LEGENDARY LONG WEAR LIP LACQUER It’ contains vibrant staining pigments,glossy-finish pearls and  conditioning vitamin E. smashbox -fashionjazz lip 2



It does not patch, flake,dissapear during mid day and keeps your lips covered with color to the max, from A.M. to after-hours. smashbox -fashionjazz lip 3

It comes in shades of Rosewater, Coral, Orange Crush, Firecracker, Fuchsia, Off-Duty, Currant, Beet It, Pink Social, Bordeaux, Pout, Legendary, Flamingo, After Dark, Calypso, Keepsake, Ultra Violet, Lilac, Knockout, Flushed and costs R250.

smashbox -fashionjazz lip 1


It will be available in September 2014 at selected Woolworths, Edgars, Red Square and Foschini stores






Introducing 1 brush with 3 finishes,  a dual-fiber, multi-tasking brush.



Click once: a dense brush, ideal for buffing, blending and full coverage
Click twice: a looser brush for medium coverage
Click three times: a full brush, perfect for dusting, finishing and creating an airbrushed appearance

It costs R450 and its available at selected Edgars, Red Square, and Foschini and Woolworths stores




Introducing the limited-edition collection of unexpected shades that pairs deep bordeaux hues for eyes with limited-edition cherry reds for lips.


smashbox- lipstick-fashionjazz 1

Cherry Smoke Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette: The new smoky eye for fall straight from Smashbox Studios! Super smoldering, hazy hues pair perfectly with limited-edition deep cherry shades for an unexpected, statement-making eye look.

Cherry Smoke Lipstick: Make your own lip statement with these trend-setting, limited-edition hues of Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks in stunning shades of cherry.


smashbox- lipstick-fashionjazz 2


The Be Legendary Lip Stick costs  R230 and the 8 x Well Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette costs  R550 and its availalble exclusively to Woolworths


Introducing a breakthrough lip liner that self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off which is the same as their eyeliners that self sharpen.



smashbox-lip- liner- fashionjazz 1


1) SELF-SHARPENING: Just like our award-winning Always Sharp Eye Liners, our lip liners have a tiny built-in sharpener in the tip of the cap, so they self-sharpen every time you twist off the cap.

2) GLIDE-ON SHAPING: Shape matters! Enhancing your shape is a cinch when you have a precise tip that always glides on—whether you need to accentuate your cupid’s bow for fullness, or line your inside edges for a slimming effect.

3) COLOR-MATCHED SCULPTING: With 16 shades perfectly matched to our Be Legendary lip colors, you can build your pout without fear of, well, clown lips. Plus, your sculpting won’t smudge, feather or bleed, thanks to a long-wearing, water-resistant formula.


smashbox-lip- liner- fashionjazz 2

The lip liners come in shades of Nude Fair, Nude Light, Nude Medium, Nude Dark, Frenchie, Rosebud, Melon, Ruby, Crimson, Figgy, Violet, Fuchsia, Sienna, Peony, Sherbet, Shocking Pink and cost R230.


They are available in September at  selected Edgars, Red Square, and Foschini and Woolworths stores



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