I often get asked how I got into the fashion and beauty industry and what qualifications if any that you need to have to do what I do, well  I have a health and skincare and beauty qualification but not a fashion qualification. Even though I started out as a personal style blogger with my personal style blog fashionjazz.co.za/blog  I admit I never studied fashion.

I just worked very hard and still do to expand my knowledge wether its from the internet or from other people but ultimately I would still like to have a fashion qualification in styling etc.

This takes me to another topic as bloggers in the media we are on our laptops online writing 24/7  and in fact we are in IT when it comes to running our own blogs and websites. I am beginning to realize the more I work online having some sort of qualification like a Microsoft qualification or anything in IT would be very beneficial as well as journalism, but that is another topic for another day.



Speaking of Microsoft, if you have ever questioned the value of Microsoft Certification Exams, then you should ask yourself what your career in the IT field will look like if you never bother to take any. Why Will your career immediately fall into ruin? It is unlikely, but your career path will surely look different than if you had taken them and then you can do your own IT for your website/blog and maybe freelance and do IT for other bloggers or brands.


fashion drawing sketch copia


Totally off topic but how amazing is this picture above from www.fashioncampus.it !


You Will Have To Work Harder

You will undoubtedly have to work harder to succeed if you never get any Microsoft IT certifications. The reason for this is that you will have to prove your competency in the same areas in other ways. Without a standardized certification to count on, you will have to rely on other indicators of your expertise and hope that they are enough, hence my point earlier on managing your own website.

You Will Always Be At A Disadvantage

This is the simple truth. Those who lack Microsoft certifications are always at a disadvantage when up against those who possess those certifications. Employers will wonder why you don’t have the same qualifications as your peers, and your peers will be thankful that you have given them a leg up in the competition.

You May Never Get Where You Want To Go

No one can say for sure where your career will end up with or without certifications, but when you face more obstacles than others, you have to know that you may not achieve as much as they do. Those with certifications have no guarantees of perfect IT careers, so those without the same certifications have even murkier futures. Careers without certifications don’t look as good.

So wether you want to be in the beauty/fashion/it industry I think its best to  say that having a qualification will get you further a lot quicker in the long run.


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  1. June 20, 2013 / 2:51 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more Jasna. I am awful at anything IT related, hence my rather amateur site. I’m trying hopelessly to better it but truth be told, the only way of staying in the game is to get some sort of certification. IT is just about part of everything, and the better you are at it, the better your chances of being one step ahead. I am a qualified teacher and even in my industry, basic IT skills is fast moving towards being an IT fundi, even if you’re an Art and English specialist.

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