I get asked fashion advice where ever I go, what can I wear with leggings or how do I wear stripes with out looking to big what can I wear to weddings?   Every month as from now I will be doing a  what to wear section, so first up is what to wear on a night out in a Casino. You are probably asking why I am I writing this well I have realised that going to the casino  especially in South Africa is something so many people do, they have dinner, they gamble and they generally have fun. I have a friend who goes to the Casino very often with her husband which gave me the idea for this post, so here are my tips for me and women.

I adore this picture I had to share it…

Easter spring backdrops for photography

What to wear…

Don’t be taken in by James Bond movies, there is absolutely no need to wear a tuxedo when you visit a casino. Although if a group of you decide to go in black tie, it is a good way to have some fun and you will certainly get some attention, a good stag party stunt.

In Las Vegas casinos just about anything goes, though men do need to wear a shirt and even casinos with pools don’t allow bikinis to be worn in the gaming areas. It is not at all unusual to see someone in a track suit playing poker with a smartly dressed dude wearing a tie. Also all ladies know how to dress in a way that is likely to make male poker players take their off their draw to a full house.

In many European casinos the dress code tends to be a little stricter. Whereas in some you can get away with anything you like, in the smarter ones the code is smart casual. For instance you won’t get away with track suit and trainers, neither will you with shorts.

Smart casual is open to many different interpretations, but it doesn’t mean a combination of both. For instance it doesn’t mean wearing a smart jacket and trousers with flip flops. It really means dressing so that you feel comfortable yet wearing clothes that are tasteful. For men an open necked shirt, chinos, jacket and proper shoes rather than trainers and for women anything that is smart and definitely not club wear.

What not to wear…

Some of the fashion faux pas to avoid include: fancy dress, anything that is not clean and, if appropriate, not well pressed, sports clothing of any description, T-shirts, shorts of any description for men and, though women can wear culottes, short shorts and hot pants are definitely out. Anything too skimpy and revealing, hooded jumpers, anything with text and or images, beachwear and anything that is obviously chavvy.Though of course, if you prefer to play online then you can at GamingClub.com/nz online casino  which means you can wear whatever you like although going out and getting dressed can be as must fun  ūüôā

Dont miss next months post on what to wear….

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  1. April 18, 2017 / 3:01 pm

    Thank you for sharing this, and I totally agree that it definitely depends where you are for what you wear!

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