We recently attended The Wedding Expo and it was breath taking. The booths were informative and friendly, and so many venues and wedding dress makers were on display. We even came across a stand with live statue models.


The food court was busy, the photo booth (which looked like a New York cab) had people flocking in from every direction, the atmosphere was thick with giddy brides-to-be and had their fiancés develop early signs of grey hairs and wrinkles. But to top it all off was the fashion show, they had seven (7) designers strut their designs down the runway.


First up was F. Wilson, this collection had a bit of everything in it. Flowing dresses, bold jewellery, open backs, corsets, monochrome 3 piece suits and guys no being shy on your wedding day, you can also wear bold bright colours and prints!


New Romantics really did stick with the brand name but still brought a little extra to the party. Crisp white gowns and slim fitted corsets adored the runway. They had satin like crop jackets on display ,but what “Wow-ed” the crowd was the 2-in-1 dresses. The removable skirts were removed midway through to reveal a shorter skirt underneath.


Bride & Co. Fully embraced being feminine, with complimenting bows, long lace sleeves and full skirts. They even catered to the bridesmaids and kiddies! Light teal and turquoise is very in right now for the bridesmaids with empire waist dresses and for the kids, white is the way to go.


Garnish dabbled a little with colours, staying away from the crisp white bride’s dress. They displayed off-whites and peachy colours but also embracing the feminine touch with bows and floral accents. Wide straps and tight corsets were also put on


Mel & Tils brought back a bit of old school bridal fashion with veils that had a modern twist to them. Accessories were everything for this designer. The main focus was belts, bows, trails, laced up and open backs, crisp whites and bold shoes.


Biji also brought a bit more colour for the brides and very modern looking designs, all the dresses were an off-white leaning towards a light beige and gold was the main complimentary colour. The backs of the dresses were all blinged with gold and clear crystals while the gowns were soft and flowing. Another big thing right now is see-through lace corsets and one shoulder dresses.


But wait there’s more!


Guys don’t feel left out Eurosuit was there to support you as well. After all you can’t have a fabulous wedding without a handsome looking, well-dressed groom.


Euronsuit was all the rage with 3 piece black and grey suits and even bright coloured shirts and blazers. To make your man feel even more of a rock star at the end of the aisle make him sport a brand new gold watch and a tie that’s a bit bigger than your average one. For the boys they have jet black suits and complimentary greys and bright turquoise shirts and ties.


After the runway show, we went off on exploring even more booths. Multiple companies offered give away honeymoon trips to tropical islands and free spa days with your spouse-to-be. There were even competitions on wedding decor and cakes.

custom made dresses



All round The Wedding Expo was a huge success and I could definitely hear wedding bells ringing all around me!


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