Recently I attended the launch of Travelista which was hosted by Jen Su. It was a 8 course lunch with each dish from a different country held at the Mount Nelson, Planet Bar.  We celebrated New York, Barcelona, Maputo, Mauritius, Durban, Windhoek, London and Sydney, every dish was delish and looked like a work of art.

Now you are probably wondering what Travelista is all about? Well its an amazing concept brought to by Avios which is a online travel  community which gives their  members tips about places to see, to be, to shop, eat, etc.

Bailey Schneider, Jen Su and Guy McDonald

Bailey Schneider - Guy Mcdonald(2)

travelista 3

Cara- Lee Ruditsky and Deidre De Bruyn

Cara-Lee Ruditsky and Deidre De Bruyn(2)

Guy McDonald, Bailey Schneider and Naushad Khan

Guy Mcdonald - Bailey Schneider - Naushad Khan(2)


Kia Johnson, Bailey Schneider and Jen Su


Kia Johnson - Bailey Schneider - Jenn Su(2)

Jen Su is the first Travelista to share her experience, when you sign up for a Avios credit card you get a point for every 10 South African rands you spend and double points if you spend money at  Pick n Pay and BP. These points allow you to get cheap air fare to fly all over South Africa and the world!

I love this concept, I think it is such an amazing idea and the best way to travel these days…

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