Neville Diamond, hair stylist and manager at Spoilt Hair & Nails, shares the below expert advice and tips:

‘The right way to wash your hair’

You might be looking at this post and thinking, I don’t need this! But what many don’t know is that you might be getting the very basics of washing your hair all wrong.

Washing ones hair can be compared to riding a bike, if asked many people won’t be able to explain the exact method of stopping and starting. It’s easy to forget the correct way to do something when you’re in the habit of doing it all wrong.

 Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair

Here are some fool proof ways of ensuring the basics are covered:

  • ·         .Use a professional shampoo and conditioner from or recommended by your stylist 
  • ·         .Make sure if your hair is longer than shoulder length, that you brush it out first. One can       make use of a soft bristle brush.
  • ·         Start by slowly wetting the hair and massaging the shampoo gently in with your fingertips. The shampoo should create a lather; if your hair is very dirty repeat this process twice. 
  • ·         Use your conditioner or treatment and follow the step by step instructions presented   on the bottle regarding how long to leave it in before rinsing well.
  • ·         Before blowdrying, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb and gently pat dry 
  • ·         Never rub your hair vigorously as wet hair stretches
  • ·         Never vigorously brush wet hair as its more likely to break 
  • ·         If you have very dry course hair use a leave in detangler 

·         Soft, flat and greasy hair also needs conditioner. This can be applied to hair while dry and be shampooed out afterwards thus still leaving your hair silky but not flat and greasy 

·         Shampoo hair every second to third day so that the natural oils can help the scalp breath and form a natural defence 

·         If your hair is highlighted or coloured or chemically enhanced, compare it to your most expensive dress! What does the label say?  Your hair deserves the same care, a good cut, shampoo and conditioning treatments