Top 5 Tips for the perfect blow-dry

 Natalie Hamer, Hair Stylist at Spoilt Hair & Nails  shares her expert tips below…

According to Natalie Hamer, expert stylist at Spoilt Hair & Nails, the perfect blow dry is just a few easy steps away. These are her top tips and easy steps for the hottest salon look on the go!

·         Dry your hair until its roughly 80% dry, then arm yourself with a round brush and styling aid (such as a volume mouse spray)

·         For the best result always section off your hair, the smaller the section the better the blow-dry. The sectioning allows for volume to be added.



If you have frizzy hair, use a smoothing serum and blow-dry hair with a “paddle brush”. This will help you get your hair as straight as possible. Once this is done apply a heat styler product and use a GHD to straighten the hair section by section.

·         Shorter hair that requires volume can be blow-dried using the above sectioning technique except, once the hair is 80% dry, add “Velgro” rollers to give a short blast of cold air from the dryer, and repeat


·         After the drying effort always use a hairspray that is suited to your own personal hair type. A stylist should advise this as most of them have a memory aid that allows the hair to pop back into place after a quick brush the following day

Stay tuned next week for more tips from the Spoilt experts…



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