You’re a busy lady. You are successful, professional, and on top of that, you have an excellent sense of style, which means you’re traveling in fashion. But everyone gets tired of their wardrobe now and then. If you still want to show up to your business appointment looking like the girl with all of the answers, take a look at these tips for having standout fashion for business travel.


1. Try Airport Chic



Just because you’re at the airport doesn’t mean you have to wear pajamas or workout clothes, right? Nobody likes to travel in a tight business suit, especially when you consider that belts need to be removed and the shoe choices often includes heels –something that you don’t want to have to run in if you run into logistical problems. Here’s what you do, instead: wear leggings and a nice dress or a long tunic. This gives you the business-appropriate look. Match with a great blazer or cardigan, and a pair of appropriate slip-in shoes. After all, you don’t want to be lacing-up your shoes after the TSA check when you can just slip into a nice pair of wedges.



2. Wear the Right Sunglasses



 When you’re traveling, you want to protect your eyes from the sometimes-glaring sun. Additionally, when you’re on a business trip, your goal is to put your best foot forward, and that includes your style choices. While it might seem irrelevant that your clients or employers may scrutinize even what pair of sunglasses you have, this is a business trip in which you want to show confidence in all areas of your life. A large pair of sunglasses -likethese Gucci sunglasses– helps to demonstrate that you’re confident in style as well as business.


3. Blazer