Over the last few years wearable technology has retained one meaning. When the topic is raised, attention turns towards technologies like Apple Watch and FitBit. However, in recent months that notion is changing. Wearable technology will no longer be confined to one part of the body. Instead it will now be the on everyone, everywhere, interacting with the body to provide a wider range of solutions; whilst looking great.
Such technology is known as smart apparel. Retro vibes are becoming popular but this is the new face of fashion. The next generation of wearable technology will not only gather information about your body but it will also interpret the data in different expressive ways. Imagine a fashion world with sweaters that change colour based on your mood, or a collar that reveals patterns based on your body temperature. We are edging ever closer to that period. Here are some smart apparel designs already leading the way.
3D-Printed Dress
The 3D-printed dress was designed by Anouk Wipprecht for Volkswagen. The dress releases smoke based on the wearer’s breathing and proximity to others. It is a great way to get more space when you are in crowded environments.
Navigate jackets
Navigate jacket was created by Wearable Experiments. It is designed to help you navigate cities by telling you when you should turn left or turn right using subtle vibrations (known as haptic feedback).
Project Jacquard

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Project Jacquard is Google’s collaboration with Levi’s to weave gesture interactivity into textiles. With this, the fibre of your jeans will be made of touch sensitive materials like the face of your smartphone. It will also feature electronics and Bluetooth connectivity. You could be able to play games on bingo sites like, dim the lights across your home or office, control the doors, etc. all by swiping across your jeans.
Polo Tech Shirt
The Polo tech shirt from Ralph Lauren is woven with silver fibres that interface with the wearer’s iPhone to monitor and provide real time metrics like heart rate, breathing depth etc.
Adrenalin Dress by Chromat
Adrenalin dress by Chromat made a big impact at the last New York Fashion Week. It is a 3D printed dress that is fitted with Carbon fibre wings that expand and contract based on the wearers breathing and adrenalin levels. Sensors in the waist relay biodata to wires controlling the wings. This enables the dress to mimic flight or fight response as shown when insects and other animals try to intimidate potential threats by enlarging their appearance.
These are just a few examples of smart apparel that will change the fashion world in the same way colour TV transformed electronics.





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