If you are a regular reader of Fashionjazz then you will know  that I love attending events, love having my nails done and being in styling  I also love giving advice to everyone.  .I get a lot of emails from my readers from all over the world asking for advice on what to wear for different occasions and different party themes. One of my readers recently asked what to wear to a blackjack party, she wanted to dress to the theme but also look chic at the same time.
So like I always do for all my posts I started researching blackjack outfits and came across blackjack nail art which I fell in love with, how talented are these ladies ?  I decided this year that considering my nails had finally started to grow I would start doing more intricate patterns on my nails and these are perfect.   I think if you have amazing nail art on your nails it ads  a beautiful touch to any outfit.


After spending way to much time browsing  the internet looking at blackjack nail art I moved onto blackjack dresses…
I soon realised there are not many blackjack themed outfits around so I told my reader  to improvise by wearing the  colours black,red and white instead. By wearing these colours you can go with any outfit from a dress, to pants, to a skirt followed by gold accessories and a classic clutch.  You can mix and match  these outfits below, or stick to classic black with red and gold jewelry and even  add hair accessories to really stand out. I added that if she can she should have her nails done too then that would complete her outfit and she would definitely stand  out in the crowd just like  any fashionjazz reader should…












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