Hello my lovelies I hope you all are well ?  Its been freaking ages, I know…LONG STORY SHORT, whlist my last post was live I GOT HACKED AGAIN, 2ND TIME IN 2 MONTHS, I was beside myself! I had planned so much content and I could not get in or see my blog for 2 weeks! After researching I finally found an angel otherwise known as a security specialist who fixed my blog and most importantly fixed the reason why I was being hacked so much and volia I am back! 🙂

Now to the topic of my long overdue post,  if you follow along on my social media channels especially my stories you will know that I have been contemplating changing my hair colour since last year already. I have been colouring my hair super blonde for many years and in doing so it was super high maintenance as my hair grows out EXTREMELY quickly so I would need a touch up every 3 weeks. Plus naturally I   have super coarse and curly hair which needs good shampoos and tons of moisture so after a while  ( I admit not looking after my hair as well as I should ) I decided my hair needed a break. So I started growing out my hair and contemplating how to change it and after doing a POLL on my instastories you guys all decided on this style, which was quite a change as its a completely different blonde to what I have had since I was 19.

Long story short after many years apart  I  bumped into my hair stylist  Wessel who used to do my hair when it was super long, you can see here and we got chatting and decided to start collaborating again. I love working with brands and clients who equally support my brand and Wessel  loves experimenting with hair, hes very good at what he does and I love changing things up and  so voila we decided to go for the BLONDE BALAYAGE and because my hair was very dry, we decided to do it in stages, below is stage 1.





So whats changed ? Well  after having my brazillian blow wave I can finally just wash my hair, give it a rough blowdry and its good to go no need to style it or anything, the coarse hair I once had doesnt exist anymore, secondly I have gotten SO MANY compliments since changing my hair colour and thirdly I have had to completely change my make up. This hair colour is very similar to my natural one just a bit brighter but it makes my naturally blue/green eyes look completely green.

What I have always loved about Wessel ( who is the ownwer of Vat Dit Kop Toe ) is that  he gives honest opinions about making the most of your hair style and colour to accentuate your features and the salon itself is super chic and trendy, plus URBAN WINES is right next door so I can have a delicious cappuccino when I have my hair done and go next door for a glass of vino when im done, bonus hehe 😉

To book an appointment call 072 8066700 or follow them on Instagram and Facebook , you can follow my hair journey on my INSTAGRAM/STORIES and my monthly hair posts as I have a feeling we will be doing quite a few different things to my hair from now on 🙂

Have a awesome Monday my lovelies 🙂 xx



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