Kyle De Woodys chic apartment

Not many people know this but my love for fashion flows into decor too and when I finished high school and wanted to study I was contemplating health and skin care and interior decorating, even though I choose the first option my love for decor and organising has not faded.

I am so inspired by other peoples homes and the way they express themselves through the decor and colours they choose like this fab home by Kyle De Woody featured in Vogue ūüôā

The use of structure and simple lines mixed with patterns, colour and texture is brilliant.

Click HERE to see the rest of her amazing apartment


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  1. September 20, 2012 / 11:08 pm

    The colours and look of the large painting in beautifully light filled room in the first and fourth photos had me thinking it was a mirror at first glance. What an amazing painting – such depth and realism. I love the patterns on the throw pillows that are on the bed and on the long sofa. That chair sculpted to look like a giant hand is great! I love the look of having one’s bum cupped in a giant palm. The colours of her dress are nice. Having the statue of a dog in the background with a real dog in the foreground made for a great photo. I hadn’t realised you were interested as much as you are with interior decoration (addition to your fashion and journalistic skills and accomplishments).

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