Recently Ford had their mustang party in honour of launching the new Mustang to South Africa.  The party was held in Joburg so they flew us up for 2 days. Starting with a very early flight and then  off to the FORD expo where they launched the Mustang and we got to hear and see more of the fabulous things FORD has in store for the consumer in the next couple of years. I myself am very excited at the new technology that is being developed and as always watch this space for all the up coming FORD news..

After the EXPO we had some free time so I went shopping and had coffee at Sandton which is one of my favourite places to go in Joburg, then after getting ready  at the  Maslow Hotel where we were staying and wearing a touch of red we were off to the VIP Mustang party. FORD always has the most amazing car launches and of course they know how to throw a party too! There were delicious canapes and lots of cocktails specially made for the  Mustang theme, DJs  to wow the crowd and  the unveiling of the new Mustang which I can honestly say is such a beautiful car! We all had lots of fun and it was so nice to see familiar faces again..








Thank you to Tegan for this stunning pic of myself and Zahrah with the FORD Mustang.

















Thank you to FORD for the pictures, see more here  

The following day after a lovely hotel breakfast we went to do off road training in the FORD rangers.  It was awesome fun but a little scary for me as the hills are very steep and when you driving down one all you see is  the sky you cant see the ground, so I was happy when I heard we could choose any FORD and go for a drive in convoy for a bit after the off road training.   After a stunning lunch,  it was time to say goodby to the fabulous FORD team and head back to Cape Town.




Thank you to Tegan Smith for this picture, I love it and thank you to FORD for another fun filled and informative launch, I am already looking forward to the next one, if you want to see some of the  FORD launches I have been too, click here,here,here.


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