Fine Diamond Designer Jewelry

Fine Diamond Designer Jewelry


Whether you desire the perfect cocktail ring, or an engagement ring to set her heart ablaze, a fine piece of designer jewelry will definitely fit the bill. Legendary mainstays such as Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. are renowned for their exclusive, pricey and distinctive pieces, while relative newcomers like Natalie K are building a legacy with illustrious designs that emphasize shimmering diamonds.


Natalie K


Natalie K has built their esteemed reputation with elegant, hand-crafted collections of fine diamond jewelry. They offer impressive collections of engagement, wedding and fashion rings, as well as diamond pendants and necklaces. Natalie K’s fine jewelry is known for emphasizing diamonds over metal. The jewelry is lined with a staggering number of small diamonds which are set side-by-side to reduce the appearance of metal along the band. This design technique gives the pieces more sparkle as the diamonds seem to go on indefinitely. Diamond rings by Natalie K feature interlocking and swirling metalwork studded with shimmering diamonds. The 18K rose gold diamond fashion band and the yellow gold diamond swirl band are a small sampling of the uniquely stunning diamond rings offered in their collections. Natalie K’s high-quality pieces complement various styles and tastes, while providing a level of sparkle that will satisfy the biggest diamond lover.


Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany & Co. has been a leading manufacturer of designer jewelry since 1837. Tiffany’s “Little Blue Box” is as famous as their illustrious jewelry, and the box’s appearance is enough to melt the coldest heart. Among the world’s priciest retailers, Tiffany’s produces an exquisite selection of diamond engagement rings, brooches, charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and watches. Tiffany’s yellow diamond jewelry is among the finest fine diamond jewelry in the world. From a cushion-cut yellow diamond ring mounted atop a rose gold band, to a an elegant necklace adorned with alternating yellow and white diamonds, the renowned designer offers unique pieces that are quintessentially refined. Tiffany’s engagement rings range from traditional yellow gold masterpieces with their signature rope-style bands to a cushion-cut diamond beauty surrounded by a halo of bead-set diamonds. Tiffany & Co.’s hefty price tags are legendary, but the fine jewelry collections they offer are worthy of their inflated costs and attention.


Harry Winston


Since 1932, Harry Winston Inc. has been the jeweler of choice for royals, wealthy diamond lovers and legendary Hollywood’s celebrities.  During the 1944 Academy Awards, Best Actress nominee Jennifer Jones, sported one of their signature diamonds to the ceremony. This landmark act led to the practice of Hollywood stars wearing designer fine jewelry at red-carpet events. Harry Winston’s fine jewelry collection boasts an exquisite selection of earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets and rings. Standout pieces such as the “Cluster Ring,” which features 5-marquise-cut and pear-shaped diamonds mounted atop a platinum swirl band, expresses the designers exceptional eye for detail. The company also offers a remarkable selection of rings with colored gem stones such as yellow diamonds, rubies, and magnificent sapphires.



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