I have been curious about color enhanced diamonds lately…so I was doing some research and came across Dianer Diamonds and because my mind is constantly on fashion and jewellery  I immediately saw different coloured outfits mixed with these amazing diamonds.  Dianer Diamonds specializie in fancy colored diamonds   and clarity enhanced diamonds and come in a variety of different colours, all of which you can see on see on their site.  What I like about Dianer Diamonds is that they are less expensive than other diamonds therefore you can still look chic and classy  but for half the price, which means instead of buying 1 diamond you can splurge and buy a few to enhance your outfit.



dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 6


The colours of the stones are so unique and they perform cleaning treatments and clarity enhancement procedures to bring out the best in the stones.  During the treatment, a unique material is inserted into the diamond and this process significantly improves the stone’s clarity and adds a spectacular shine.”


dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 1
dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 2





dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 3






dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 5






A little bit more about Dianer Diamonds…

” The process that Dianer Diamonds Ltd. has developed combines innovative HPHT technology with laboratory enhancement, allowing uniform and precise orange diamonds to be created. These diamonds do not include additional hues. In order for this procedure to be carried out correctly and effectively, only a limited number of rare and carefully selected stones may be used. With the help of advanced equipment, a diamond can receive the orange color and can also be subjected to polishing, setting,boiling and slitting without risking color damage.”


dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 8


dianer-diamonds- fashionjazz 9


So which stone is your favourite ? I am opting for all of them as I love wearing a mixture of colours..especially in spring.


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