I love diamonds, always have,  always will and I know most people only wear diamonds on special occasions but I see life as a occasion to be celebrated every day there for I wear diamonds all the time.

As you all know pink is my favourite colour and hearts are my favourite shape, so I fell  in  love with the pink heart diamond from “ Leibish & Co “recently, its stunning and so me!


The Argyle Diamonds which originate in the Argyle Mine of Kimberley, Western Australia often appear in Pink but to everyone who wants a different colour, they are also  available in Red, Blue, Champagne and Violet.





argyle color chart


The company that owns the Argyle Diamond Mine is called Rio Tito and is one of the worlds largest suppliers of diamonds.  The Argyle Mine is the source for over 90% of the pink diamonds found in the market today and are most famous for their pink diamonds. All the stones mined in the Argyle Mine are sold as rough except for the pink diamonds that have a lab with experienced colour diamond polishers that cut and polish each of the pink diamonds found there and then sell them as polished goods. No wonder I love the pink ones, they are definitely extra special and in  the heart shape… I’m sold.


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