In order to become certified as a Cisco programmer or technician you must prove your skill level by taking an official Cisco-sponsored exam from an approved location offering certification testing. One of the biggest news items coming from Cisco was the retiring of the CCIP certification which came to an end in 2012.

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This certification was replaced with a CCNP service provider certification.  Not only did this affect new students, but it also affected Cisco technicians who already had CCIP certifications. Cisco put up a special CCIP-CCNP service provider tool to help with the “migration” of professionals switching to CCNP. New exams are required to become tested and CCIP certification by itself is no longer valid. 


Nevertheless, subjects such as IP routing, BGP, and MPLS are still very important to learn and excel in, for Cisco experts. Excellent research and study is required to pass this exam, along with important subfields, such as 640-461 or ICOMM work. In order to succeed and becoming certified, it is recommended that you order an exam guide for the certification of your choice, whether that’s ICOMM or even CCNP. This will allow you to study at your own pace, taking mock exam questions that are similar to the actual questions on the test. This will ensure that your career is successful, as you will be Cisco-qualified and will have the highest achievement available on your resume.






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