I love getting mails and questions from my readers from all over the world, the most I get are questions about fashion or beauty namely what products best treat acne prone or blemish skin. I get this question often though, so I thought I would write a post on acne treatments and what product I recommend ๐Ÿ™‚


Many of my readers who have been following /supporting myself and my brand since I started 8 years ago know that I studied Health and Skincare originally. Which means before I started my blog and moved into the fabulous fashion ,beauty and llifestyle digital world I was a therapist, sales rep and a manager. So if anyone has had first hand experience with Environ using it on my clients and myself, its me . Its especially good for acne treatments because of the high dose of vitamin A.

What I also like about this product is that you cant buy it online, you HAVE to get it from a qualified therapist like myself which has trained in Environ because these products are so active on your skin ( meaning the ingredients namely vitamin A make a difference to your skin ) so its NB that you get the right products for your skin type.


So to my lovely readers who are prone to blemish skin and need a good acne treatment, I would recommend the B ACTIVE Range . My skin started breaking out in college due to the over stimulation of using too many products, lots of stress and just generally bad eating. I started using this range and I saw a difference immediately without having to change anything except my skin care products. My skin felt smoother,looked clearer and felt looked after.

Environ b-active range -fashionjazz-1

This is a pre cleansing product that you massage onto the face for a few minutes and wash off with sebuwash.

b active-4

I LOVE this facial wash, you can feel your skin feels so much cleaner, tighter and radiant and it maintains the skins natural balance which is always a bonus in my book ๐Ÿ™‚ Use the sebuprep before and wash it off with this facial wash.

b active-3

This is a medium strength toner specially formulated to refine oily dehydrated skin, you apply it after pre cleansing and cleansing. It can give you a tingling sensation with the active ingredients of salicylic acid but then you just pre dampen the cotton wool with toner to dilute the toner.


b active-2

Any skin type can use this because we ALL get a spot ever now and then but for blemish/acne prone skin it works like a bomb! It contains one of my favourite ingredients tea tree so no wonder this is a must have in everyone’s skin care routine.


This product contains a combination of colostrum and low dose of vitamin A and it calms your skin while reducng oil. Its super easy to use as well, apply it after pre cleansing, cleansing and toning morning and evening.


b active- 1
This can definitely be called your skins BFF, it absorbs the oil, acts like a skin polisher and hydrates the skin all in one. I used this one a lot especially after the days when we did like 2 or 3 facials in 1 day and my skin immediately felt calmer, less irritated and I didnt break out yey!

The Environ website is also very self explanatory which is great, so instead of listening to me rambling on like I always do haha, check it out for yourself, they tell you what the product is, what it contains and what it does plus all the nearest stockists ๐Ÿ™‚


DR Des Fernandes, the founder ofย  Environ who was rated one of the top plastic surgeons in the world was the first to use high doses of Vitamin A to help counteract the harmful effects of the enviroment and pollution. He believes that “skin has a life and vitamin A is the oxygen needed for a healthy and beautiful life “ With over 140 products in over 70 countries its not hard to see why Environ is a firm favourite with everyone in the know, so tell me what is your best skin care routine ? Comment below , would love to hear which products you guys use ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Nelisiwe Zuma
    July 15, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Jasna, This is amazingly written and researched properly, Thank you for sharing all this information with us.
    I never used Environ before but seeing how it works for people I know and work with, I find it easy to believe that it will also, make a difference on my skin and also suggest it to others to use it.

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