Black Diamonds A New Choice for Women

Black diamonds are an exquisite choice that

adds a layer of uniqueness to all types of jewelry.  Aesthetically, the stones provide a striking contrast when set on platinum and gold, as well as with shimmering white diamonds. The versatility, strength, and beauty of black diamonds

make them the ideal choice for the modern, cutting-edge woman.


Black diamonds represent power and authority, and are believed to enhance relationships. By giving a black diamond you are communicating the infinite nature of your relationship, while expressing how much you admire her strength and vitality. Black diamond jewelers carry extensive selections of black diamond engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that are enhanced by the stone’s mysterious elegance.


Black diamonds put a modernist twist on standard fashion and engagement ring designs. The stones are highly symbolic, representing the infinite nature of the love you share. Black diamonds are exceptional stand alone pieces in solitaire engagement rings, and they add triple the mystery to three-stone rings. The dark stones can also enhance halo diamond ring designs as a black center diamond can be encircled by shimmering white diamonds to create a distinctive, multi-color piece that is mod and sophisticated. Black diamond fashion rings are as distinctive as their engagement ring counterparts. The dark stones give the fashion rings a distinct look that speaks volumes about the wearer.


From understated studs to ornate chandeliers, black diamonds add exoticism to earring designs. Like their white diamond counterparts, black diamonds flatter a variety of cuts and carat weights. Black diamonds are resplendent in simple designs such as cushion, brilliant round or princess-cut studs. They are equally beautiful in multiple diamond settings. For example, a string of black diamonds along a pair of platinum or a white gold chandelier earring is striking. Moreover, multiple black diamonds outlining a pair of heart-shaped earrings will add more depth to this classic design.


A black diamond bracelet gives the wrist a sense of beauty and strength that is powerful, yet, remarkably feminine. Black diamonds flatter single row bracelet designs and they are breathtakingly beautiful on chunky bracelets that are lined with multiple rows of stones. For a more unique design, consider using black diamonds to accent white diamond stones along the bracelet. The multi-colored diamonds will create a striking piece that shimmers beautifully with every movement of her wrist.


Necklaces and pendants give casual wear a touch of elegance, and add an air of sophistication to cocktail dresses. Black diamonds can breathe new life into simplistic ornamental jewelry designs and draw attention to her neckline. For example, a delicate necklace affixed with a string of black diamonds will complement the contours of her neck. A necklace affixed with a Black diamond pendant is equally effective, since the stones look great in solitaire, heart-shaped, ribbon, swirl or animal-inspired designs.




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