In case you guys have not realised, I have a bit of an obsession with  handbags, clothes, accesories and now cars as well as expensive taste.  A girl can dream, right….well if I won the American Powerball  these are just some of the items I would buy, aside from spoiling my boyfriend I would spoil my family and myself…If you guys won what would you buy?


Firstly I would treat myself to a few  of these items…

How gorgeous is this nights Diamond Purse? Every girls loves daimonds and who wouldnt want a purse made up of 18 karat gold and encrusted with more than 4,500 diamonds, you can only imagine what it would cost lol.




I am a huge fan of watches, so I would definitely buy this  Cartier, its called a Cartier Pasha de Cartier Small Model Watch  valued at $123, 000. I adore the colour it would go so well with all my gold  arm candy….


I am like obsessed with Sex and The City, so obviously I would buy a pair of Manola blahnik heels in my favourite colour pink. These are so hot and valued at $ 745.405 they are worth it if you have the won lotto..



This is like the ultimate barbie car, I would get this Porsche Boxter in pink obviously  and buy my boyfriend a Ford Mustang because hes obsessed with them…




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