The days of apartheid in South Africa may seem like many moons ago, but it has only been around two decades since this segregation system officially came to an end after many decades. Fortunately, South Africa has seen many positive changes since the end of apartheid, which includes an expansion in everything from tourism and the technology sector through to the fashion industry in South Africa.
When the severe restrictions that were in place during the years of apartheid came to an end, the increased freedom that people were able to enjoy provided them with greater access to more materials and fabrics. This in turn has helped to create a unique and highly creative fashion sector in South Africa, with designers and manufacturers now using vibrant colours, a variety of textures and some fabulous styles in order to create eye-catching designs. It’s not just the catwalks that have been graced with spectacular style over recent years – street fashion in South Africa has also undergone radical change, with bold colours and striking designs that really catch the eye.
The fashion industry in South Africa has come such as long way that it has gone on to become the fifth largest employment sector in the country. There are a number of innovative designers in South Africa that have helped to push the fashion industry forward, including the likes of Marc Bouwer and Darryl Jaga. Their stunning designs have been sported by many celebrities including the likes of Angelina Jolie and Eva Longoria.
Other areas that have experienced change
There are many other sectors in South Africa that have gone through radical change since the end of apartheid. For example, many parts of South Africa now enjoy a thriving tourist trade and have become modern, exciting and entertainment-packed destinations to visit. This includes the thriving cities of Johannesburg and the beautiful Cape Town.
Another area that has experienced rapid growth over the years is the technology sector in South Africa. You can now look forward to accessing a range of modern technology, such as smart phones and tablets that offer sleek and innovative designs as well as high tech specifications. These are ideal for doing everything from enjoying entertainment and online gaming at sites such as Yebo Yes Casino through to keeping in touch with friends and family members.
When you look at South Africa today, it is often difficult to imagine the way things used to be in the days of apartheid. Things have come a very long way since then in many different sectors and industries, transforming South Africa into a cosmopolitan and hugely popular destination.




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  1. April 28, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    It’s really very good that apartheid came to an end and that things are integrated and fashion is booming! The model looks like the star of Windeck – I watch the African soapopera sometimes!
    Denise recently posted…Art languageMy Profile

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