Sunglasses complete a outfit…

As long as I can remember I have had a obsession with  Designer Sunglasses, be it Chanel, Ray Ban sunglasses, Prada Sunglasses etc

Yes there is a name behind it,but I think its more the style of the sunglasses and the story behind each one that intrigues me and sets each brand apart from the rest.

Being a personal style blogger and having had my fashion blog for quite a few years I have come accustomed to wearing sunglasses in most of my posts, I think it is because I take most of my pictures outside no matter if  it is winter or summer there for I feel sunglasses have become part of a outfit instead of  just a accessory and in a lot of ways it completes the outfit.

Here are a few fashionistas  who are  a prime examples of how sunglasses add a certain unique look to an outfit.

1.Blue tinted glasses add a quirky touch to her casual chic outfit.

2.Black and white sunglasses are always a winner with leopard print.

3.The touch of red mixed with tan and black makes for a intriguing colour combination.

4.The green sunglasses bring out the green in her multi  colour outfit and work really well together.

5.Oval glasses in black and white compliment her colourful outfit.

6. Tinted sunglasses and a blue bag add the perfect amount of colour to a white ensemble.

7. These sunglasses make her outfit very edgy and fashion forward.


8. Quirky sunglasses like these look amazing when paired with pastel colours.

9.Lenses as sunglasses look amazing with shorts and a blazer.

10.Everyone here is wearing different types of sunglasses which just makes their outfits and this picture very fashion chic.


Pictures source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


For all my fashionistas click on my BLOG  if you want see what I am wearing today and what I am up to :)





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