BB creams have become the ‘in-thing’ around the world and now GOSH Cosmetics has just  launched their new BB Cream.
BB Creams (known as Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm Creams) are multi-functional creams that moisturise, protect, regenerate, heal and cover your skin in one easy step and GOSH BB CREAM is no exception.
GOSH BB Cream is an ‘ALL IN ONE’ product combining foundation, primer and moisturiser with active ingredients, which gives the skin a natural coverage that adapts to the skin tone, leaving the skin soft and smooth. This little beauty will also help increase skin smoothness and firmness and offers sun protection of SPF15. And as an extra, GOSH BB CREAM is waterproof – try a little on your hand and you will see how it completely rejects water!5 Great “Colour Adapt” Shades
GOSH BB CREAM comes in 5 shades – from very light to a chocolate-brown, and incredibly these shades suit all skin tones around the world as it has what GOSH calls “colour adapt”. This means that one shade can cover a variety of skin tones as it blends with the skin’s own colouring, and gives a light, natural coverage, which will not feel like a “mask” on your skin. It also makes it unbelievable easy to choose a shade – you simply pick the one closest to your skin tone, and you’re guaranteed a fantastic effect!
Choose from: 01 Sand, 02 Beige, 03 Warm Beige, 04 Chestnut, 05 Espresso.


Loaded with ‘good for your skin’ ingredients
GOSH BB CREAM is based on the best active ingredients and loaded with “good for your skin” ingredients in high enough contents to guarantee a documented effect.  One of the active ingredients is Phytosan, which increases the skin’s firmness and smoothness and makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible. All ingredients in GOSH BB CREAM have been carefully selected and chosen for their function in the product.  The result is a smooth and natural look that lasts the whole day!

SPF 15 Sun Protection
GOSH BB CREAM also contains SPF 15 – giving the effect of a light sun cream. While it has been tested exactly like any other sun protection product, regular users of sun protection products would generally apply sun cream in a thicker layer than they would with their GOSH BB CREAM. Therefore, GOSH suggest that if you want to use it in while out in the sun, you should add a thicker layer of BB Cream or apply sun cream underneath first!

How to Apply
GOSH recommends that you apply GOSH BB CREAM using your fingertips or a synthetic brush such as GOSH Foundation Brush Duo Hypoallergenic 324.  
Apply in the morning as part of your daily make up routine and if you need to refresh your look in the evening, simply apply a new layer.

GOSH BB CREAM is a product consumers will not want to miss – your daily make up routine has just become so much easier, one simple cream that delivers so much!

GOSH BB Cream is available with true exclusivity at Edgars and Red Square from 8 April 2013.  For more information go to or call 0800 203 925.

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Price: R180

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