For all the overseas readers of fashionjazz  its autumn on your side and boots are a big autumn-winter fashion purchase, particularly this year as they prove the big footwear style choice on both designer and high street shelves. Expect everything from a Chelsea boot to Ugg like slipper, Biker boot to wellington.

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If you fancy buying yourself a new pair of boots this season, great for keeping your feet warm come the next few months of cold weather and grey sky, here’s a look at the benefits of both high street and designer items:

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Designer – Big up your status and enjoy longstanding quality

Let’s face it, it’s hugely satisfy showing off a designer garment, boots and shoes included. If you’ve got the money to spend on a designer name, it’s a brilliant way to show off your status and fashion tastes. That’s why designer items are so popular come special occasions. If you haven’t seen friends, family or colleagues for a long time and wish to make the ‘right’ impression, a designer label can make a statement straight away!

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Then there’s quality benefits of designer. Fortunately for high street shoppers, the difference between low cost and high end boots quality doesn’t usually vary too drastically – but there is a difference. If you want attention to detail and the best quality materials, designer is the way to go. Truly unique boot designs are also the speciality of designer makes, with high street you do run the risk of seeing other people wearing your much beloved footwear purchases of choice, which is always a bit deflating.

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High street – More boot for your buck and the ability to mix and match

The biggest advantage of high street boots is that you can simply get more boot for your money! Why buy one pair of boots for £200, when you could get 4 pairs for that price on the high street? When you buy from a store like New Look, Topshop or H&M you might be able to afford a pair from each of the hottest styles, so you can choose your boots to match your mood, your occasion and the weather!

Being able to try your boots on first is also easier when you buy on the high street, you might not have many designer stores near you and end up ordering high priced boots online without trying them on. If you head into town to the high street stores you can try boots on under no pressure to buy and make sure that they’re as comfortable as they look.

When you opt for low-to-mid range boots you’re less likely to be precious about them too, which can be the biggest problem with a designer buy. It’s common to pay loads for a designer pair of shoes and then rarely wear them so as to keep them in great condition… a sure fire money waster. If you don’t spend as much on your winter boots, you’re more likely to enjoy wearing them and not have to worry about avoiding every puddle or any activity that might lead to a scuff

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