Although many rooms of our homes at some point become spaces where friends and family can congregate, our bedrooms will always be our own private domain.
And as such, they are great places for us to try out some of our most outlandish interior design ideas. So why not be bold in 2015 and try out a few of these bedroom trends that are looking to be big this year!
Textures and fabrics


2015 looks to be the year where we’re going to get a little more textured in our approach to interiors. And the bedroom is a fantastic place where we can play with fabrics to create our own cosy haven.
Natural textures look to be key in 2015 and the weirder the better. So expect to see lots of cowhide rugs and desert inspired themes such as ethnic patterns that wouldn’t look out of place on a dusty poncho!
To really develop this theme, indulge your bedroom with lots of cushions and throws, and maybe even invest in a luxurious new mattress to really ramp up the comfort factor!
Metallic resurgence


Another highly tactile theme that is being reintroduced for 2015 is the use of metallics. Whereas 2014 saw copper being used to charming effect in kitchens and dining rooms, 2015 looks to bring other desirable metals like brass, bronze and gold into the bedroom.
Whether it be a simple gold candlestick, or even a shabby-chic brass sun-effect mirror, it’s a great way to add weight, class and a sense of elegance to a room.
Bold, rich hues


And thankfully we look to be seeing the back of stark acid brights and washed out pastel colours in favour of some bolder tones such as teal, cobalt blue and Pantone’s colour of the year; the rich and earthy red of marsala.
So if you’re feeling bold then paint one of your bedroom walls a rich cobalt blue, bring in some natural green beauty with a houseplant and accent the splendour with a bold marsala set of cushions.
It might sound like a colourful headache, but it will all come together to provide a warm and elegant haven of bohemian sophistication!
Impressive wallpapers



And finally, as another option, it looks like bold wallpapers are due to return in 2015. Using mid century patterns such as paisley to dramatic effect, they’re a great way to give your bedroom a touch of style.
Embossed wallpapers are being developed with a stronger sense of identity that replaces the garish hues of the 1970s with a spare and artful use of pattern and texture.



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