I love one of a kind items I always have I guess you could say I like to stand out from the crowd, but the only thing with one of a kind looks is that you cant wear them very often.  So I find myself leaning towards my fail safe items for my every day looks whether I am at a day time event, meetings or running around and mixing a unique bracelet, necklace or heels to mash it up.  I often get asked what are my fail safe items so I thought I would share them with you today…


These are my fail safe items and why and like true fashionjazz style I added some pictures for some awesome styling ideas too.



There is nothing better than a good pair of jeans that fit your body type really well, they flatter you and make you feel like 100 dollars. Jeans come in all styles, shapes and colours so suite your shape and your lifestyle. I preferable like  dark  blue or black skinnie jeans, I like rolling them up and wearing them with the heels.  You can wear them casually or dress them up therefore jeans are the most versatile items to own.


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This is definitely one fail safe item I cannot live without, in  my Industry a little black dress is essential for all the cocktail/black tie events I attend.  I  would suggest getting a plain smart black dress that is not to short or too long and fits really well.  If the dress is plain then you can wear it more often by changing your accessories, adding a jacket  or changing your heels.


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Over the last few years blazers have become one of those items that almost everyone has, I remember when I was younger taking the shoulder pads out of my moms old blazers and wearing them with tees  and jeans as I could not really find any nice blazers to wear.  Now adays blazers are every where and the most versatile colours are black, grey and white, they smarten up jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts.  Honestly there is nothing more chic than a rock tee, blazer, skinnies and heels and you can thank the Olsen twins for that trend….


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I am a huge fan of white shirts, I like styling them with jeans but also with shorts or tuxedo pants if its quite a classy event. White shirts can be worn during the day or the evening, mixed with different jackets and accessories,loose or tucked in or half tucked in, either way a white shirt is essential.


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I say faux leather mostly because I try not wear real leather, it just does not feel right to me, but each to their own and if you would prefer buying a real leather jacket then that is fine too.  Either way I think every woman should own at least one black leather jacket, I live in all my jackets, I can wear them with any item and it just makes any outfit, casual or smart look super trendy. Any woman any age can wear it and there is nothing better than a pencil skirt, with a shirt and a black leather jacket it  changes the whole outfit.


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These items are really worth investing in and I’ve just been talking clothing and fashion, but there are a few more important things that can protect you financially in life, yes I’m talking about insurance. Before you go about investing more in those failsafe clothing options, remember to check that you’re also covered with the required insurance, I hate to say it, but looking good, isn’t always the most important thing in life.

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