I have had a lot of my readers ask me where they can buy make up products online for a reasonable price, so I went searching and found the site everbuying.com

They have a huge range of products to suite all your make up and beauty needs  from  brushes,  false lashes to  a spa bath and hair extensions. Wether you are the type of lady who loves her extensions and long lashes or experimenting with nail art everbuying has everything and more.

What is nice about  this site is that  not only do they have  beauty and hair system products but they sell everything from electronics to fashion and have more than 100,000 diverse product lines  to choose from.


You can view the site on your iphone,  just search on the app store and download, they ship all over the world and they have a affiliate program so  you can make money too if you have a site.


Here are a few of my favourites from the make up and beauty section..




1. Small wooden brush

Every girl needs a small brush in her bag for when she goes out to touch up your hair.

wooden small hair brush


2. Flat  make up brush

These kind of make up brushes are my favourite for applying foundation as they glide easily over your skin and blend well.

3. Eyeliner

One can never have to many eye liners and liquid is the best


4. Thick long lashes

As you all know by now I am obsessed with false lashes I think no girl should be without them as they  are easy to apply, they open up your eyes and make them look amazing.

5. Sponge Bud

I remember using a sponge bud when   I was in high school, I loved it but  lost it some where and I have yet to see one again untill now.  I love them as you can use them for any occasion, smart or casual.





Everyone needs mascara and I think a volumising one like this  below is the best for anyone to use no matter how long or thick your lashes are.



7. Make up brushes

You need an assortment of brushes to do your make up properly and neatly, to blend and to contour.



8. Hair extensions

I am a huge fan of hair extensions, you can have long hair the one day and then short the next.




9 Colour extensios

Adding  a colour extension to your hair is always a fun way to change your look  and experiment with out actually doing anything permanent.

pink hair extension pieces


10. Mini nail bubble spa

These are the best, you can use it any time you want to relax if its after a hard days work and do your nails  or if you just want to pamper yourself.



Have a look at everbuying and let me know which products you like and why…?


Happy Shopping ūüôā



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