So excited to be doing my first contributor post!! Before I get carried away, let me introduce myself – my name is Stephanie Scorgie and I am based in the amazing city of Johannesburg and have been an avid reader of Fashionjazz since it first started as the small personal style blog of Jasna. Not going to give too much about me away, because the contributor’s profiles will be going up soon

I struck gold for my first event to cover when the invite for the LEGiT Summer Launch with DJ Zinhle popped into my inbox. Hosted at the gorgeous venue of Shine Studios in Braamfontein (mental note – venture into the CBD more often, gorgeous places to be found), the launch started off with an energetic dance act to get us into the mood. What followed was the first few looks of the collection which gave has a sneak peek into what we can expect from the limited edition range which is described as “wild and summery, fabulous and sexy in neon pink and orange. It is bold statement after bold statement, giving voice to a generation who say what’s on their mind, and wear what they want.”

Image 1 SMALL

Shortly afterwards, the queen of the evening made her grand entrance and boy did she do it in style… Seated upon a comfy chair and carried in by men that looked (and were built) like they got picked out of an Amazonian tribe catalogue shoot. Have a look at the video below if you don’t believe me!

The new Summer Brand Ambassador made herself comfortable in her office behind the decks as the rest of the collection was showcased to her soulful tunes. I am loving this season’s denim on denim look and I am absolutely lusting after the dress that has the denim top and soft flowing chiffon skirt. The promise of awesome slogan tee’s and jeans was lived up to but I wish there were more of the boyfriend style options – love the ones that DJ Zinhle had on herself!


The final walk was fitting for the beat spinner as she took to a revolving stage. How can the show and looks on the evening be summed up? This match-made-in-style-heaven is going to transform South Africa’s streets and give summer days even more colour, vibrancy and downright attitude. It’s loud, it’s proud, and it doesn’t care if it’s disallowed. This is DJ Zinhle + LEGiT, and it’s totally unapologetic.


Image 2 SMALL

Image 3 SMALL

Image 4

Image 5 SMALL

You may have already seen that the DJ Zinhle +LEGIT  Limited edition has launched in all 190 stores across South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia and Botswana from September the 23rd just as our summer  in South Africa really starts to heat up  and it will be available untill end of October.  Supporting this there will be a road show visiting  Polokwane on the 19th October and DJ Zinhles hometown New Castle on the 2nd of November.

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  1. Pam
    November 12, 2013 / 1:31 pm

    Wow totally amazing!!

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