Each week we will be sharing hair tips from top hairstylist Adele Hendricks from Spoilt Hair &  Beauty, this week…how to create the perfect wave. I am a huge fan of waves, even though I have naturally curly hair I love to straighten my hair and then curl it into waves.



To create this “boho- scrunch”, shampoo your hair and towel dry. Apply a style hold product to your hair and gently scrunch using your fingers. Dry gently using a diffuser and set with a simple sprits of hair spray.



When looking to create this slightly more prominent look apply a heat protecting cream or spray to your hair and dry until it feels 70% dry. Using a medium size brush, blow dry each section and set in a medium size Valcro curler. Continue doing this until all your hair gives a curled look. Leave your hair to set and once done, apply a small amount of hair spray and gently remove each curler. Use your fingers to manipulate every section until it appears smooth. For your own preference, you can set the curls by using more hair spray or brush it out to give a more natural tussled look.




Forties retro, a great era with a great look. Here’s how: Apply a heat protection product and completely dry your hair 100%. Divide your hair into sections and take individual pieces, use your curling iron and curl each section into tight curls. To recreate this process you can use either your GHD or a normal curling iron; take whichever is easiest for you. Continue this until each section is complete and then set the style using hair spray. Brushing it out will give you the desired 40’s effect but, you can leave them tight to preserve the style for an extra day or two.


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  1. Jade Abbott
    October 31, 2013 / 4:04 pm

    Exactly what i needed to know ūüôā

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