I have always been a fan of thick lush lashes, but for some reason I have always been unsure of of trying them and whether or not it would suite me. Even when I was studying  at health and skincare  college  we put on sets of  false lashes and individual lashes, but I took them off quickly because my eyes were so sensitive.

clicks beauty essentials dramatic false lashes

Along with deciding to try new things year and expand the fashionjazz brand I decided to change my look a little too, which I am still in the process of doing. So I decided to try false lashes. I spoke to my fellow beauty bloggers and they all recommended  the Clicks Beauty Essential Lashes.

So I went and bought a few to try out and these are my tips.

1. If this is the first time you are applying false lashes then get the full set instead of the individual ones as they are easier to apply.

2. Before applying the lashes  make sure your eye lids are clean as the adhesive glue will not stick of there is any oil on your eyelid and that I can vouch for as I as used a oil based eye make up remover and the glue just peeled off.

3. Test the lashes to see if they are the right length, by placing them on top of the inner corner where your eye lashes start. The inner corner will have the shorter lashes and  will extend to the outer corner with the longer lashes.

4. If the lashes extend past your eyelid you need to trim them  to fit your eye and look natural.  The lashes are fragile so when trimming them, take them off your eyelid and  use a tweezer to hold the  lashes and trim them with a small scissor. I have small eyes therefore I need to trim  them but it depends on the individual as I have  a few friends with big eyes who do not need to trim theirs at all.

5. Once that is done you need to apply the glue luckily  the tube of glue from the Click Beuaty Essential range has a small nozzle which makes it easy to apply to the top of the lashes. Make sure the lashes face up and dont ever apply the glue to your own eye lids.

6. Then you need to apply the lashes in front of a mirror, take your tweezers and apply the lashes from your inner eye to your outer eye on top of your lashes. Take the tweezer and  squeeze your lashes together with your natural lashes.  I find that works really well to keep your lashes looking natural together with your false lashes.

7. Then apply a line either liquid or pencil above the lashes on your eye lid, it looks chic,your eyes bigger and your lashes look thicker and more professional.

8. To remove them soak a pad of cotton wool with  oil based make up remover which will loosen  the glue.  Gently take the  lashes off, peel off the glue on the false lashes and use the cotton pad to take the last bit of glue of your own lashes.

9. You can use them again, but I would recommend replacing the lashes once a month if you use them often.

10. Apply some eye cream under your eyelid to sooth your eyes .


I admit I am obsessed with  these false lashes and I wear the stylish ones during the day and the other dramatic ones at night about once a week.  They are perfect for all the events I attend and all the  media pictures I take and make my naturally small eyes look much bigger.

It has taken practice but I have also learnt what make up goes with  my lashes  and if I do not feel like wearing them then I just pile on 2 different types of mascara on my normal lashes which works quite well too.

So to all my readers who have been asking me about my beauty secrets, here is one of them ūüôā

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