How you dress for an interview can be a crucial deciding factor as to whether you get a job or not. It is vital that you dress to impress and create a good first impression at your potential new workplace.
However, it is not just what you wear and how you look that will win you the job. Being calm, prepared and making good eye contact are also vital during your interview.
Whilst what you wear may not secure you a job, it is still vital that you dress the part, and do so in a stylish manner. Dressing properly can open many doors that you may not have even realised existed.
To help you find the perfect interview outfit, we have put together a handy style guide. So, whether you are interviewing for your first full-time job or just fancy a career change, you can put together the perfect outfit for your interview.
Remember, whilst other things are taken into account, what you wear is vital for a successful interview.
For our ultimate interview style guide, have a read of this.
Before choosing an outfit
Before you choose your outfit, it is vital that you do a little research into the company that you will be interviewing for. Depending on the type of role you are applying for, you can guess what kind of attire is expected. For example, creative jobs tend to be more casual, whereas jobs in areas such as finance and law require a more formal look. If your research didn’t find anything helpful, dress as professionally as possible, after all it is better to be overdressed than underdressed
Most companies come under three workwear categories; casual, business casual and formal. If you are unsure what category the company your interview is for falls under, remember to dress conservative, confident and classy.
What you need
No matter what type of office wear you need – casual, business casual or formal, there are some accessories that are essential.
Earrings are a must – the kind of earrings will depend on the type of interview however. A clutch bag or briefcase bag is an essential for any interview – use it to pop your resume in and any other relevant documents. A watch makes a nice added touch to any interview attire, plus it prevents you from getting your phone out to check the time. For some gorgeous watch ideas have a look at the Shinola Watches range.
Casual interview wear


If your interview is for a job that requires casual work wear, there is no need to dress up in an overly smart suit. It is important to show your potential new boss that you understand the type of office environment they run, by dressing in their preferred style. Turning up to a casual office in a smart suit, will make you look completely out of place.
Whilst a casual interview outfit does not need to be overly smart, going to an interview at an informal office does not mean you can wear whatever you want. For example, turning up to any interview in your jeans and a t-shirt is not appropriate. Even at casual office environments, it is still important to look smart.
Choose a comfortable and conservative outfit that fits in well with the style of the office you are going to. If the environment is a creative one, then you do have a little bit of room of express yourself through your clothes.
Casual interview outfit idea: black skinny legged trousers or black skinny jeans, a smart blouse and a bright, colour pop blazer jacket. Coloured heels and matching clutch. Complete the look with a pair of standout stud earrings.
Business casual interview wear
This is the middle category of interview wear – not too smart and not too casual. However, business casual wear is the trickiest type of work attire to gauge. Business casual should be a pretty, polished look with a few professional touches added in.
Avoid wearing any denim, avoid over the top styles and make sure to wear closed-toe shoes to the interview. Your outfit should be refined and pretty, with some professional hints to it.
Business casual interview idea: Black pencil skirt, patterned blouse or shirt, and nude tights. Black sophisticated heels and a nude clutch bag. Complete the look with an eye-catching necklace and a subtle pair of earrings.
Formal interview wear
If the company you are interviewing for is a smart and very conservative one, it is vital that you follow their smart dress code. Companies like banking businesses, law companies and insurance companies all tend to ask employees to dress smartly.
Just because you need to dress smartly, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress fashionably too. By incorporating unique accessories into your interview outfit, such as a pearl necklace or a polka dot blouse, you can add some character to your formal wear. As well as making yourself stand out from the other interviewees.
For formal interview wear, make sure to avoid bright colours and wearing clothing that is too tight fitting. Make sure to wear clothing that fits you properly and is clean and crease-free. Ensure your hair is smartly tied up and your makeup in natural looking.
Formal interview idea: smart black tailored trousers or a tailored pencil skirt, a white, grey or subtly patterned shirt or blouse and a blazer jacket. Black or neutral heels, a neutral or black clutch or briefcase and classic jewelry, like a pearl necklace or pearl drop earrings.
Do your research before your interview, find out what attire is suitable and what other members of staff wear each day. Find out what kind of environment your potential office is, and use that to decide the most suitable attire.
No matter what type of interview you have, make sure to dress to impress. Follow the style of the company’s dress code, and ensure you look confident, conservative and classy.
No matter what type of interview you are going to, make sure to add some eye-catching accessories. Things like earrings, necklaces, clutches, and heels, all make excellent statement pieces.

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  1. January 2, 2015 / 4:47 pm

    Very beautiful outfits, they look very professional! Only, if I had gone with kind of a mini skirt to the banks I worked in, they wouldn’t have hired me… for the time, it had to be longer, but the blazer and shirts are amazing!
    Denise recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

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